One year in a new career

It's been about a year since I quit my day job.   The year has been consumed by two things.  The first is clearing a backlog of creative ideas.  The pandemic isolation hasn't offered any live performance opportunities (though I have live-streamed many times now), but it does lend itself to recording in my well-equipped home studio.   The second is learning how to treat my artist journey as a business.  I've always focussed on "just the music" until 2020.  But now I need to make it work, and make it real.  I've learned a lot about social media in the last year, and I've built up a roster of content basic creation skills. 

I've finally run out of pre-written lyrics, and started to write new ones which are just now coming up in the recording process.   I find that my new life is changing my perspectives, so we'll see how that comes out in the new lyrics.

Content skill wise, I've experimented with different platforms and content types.  I continue to experiment with different content types and strategies.  This blog is just one more example.  

I'll turn the page into a second year now.   

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