The Album - "Power Down" - Jun 19th

“Power Down” is a collection of remakes, converting rock songs into acoustic bangers.   The album is imagined a full set performance on a common stage.  It has similar instrumentation, and repeated appearances by the same supporting cast throughout.   

Three singles were released earlier in 2024, and now the full collection is out.

Why Listen?

Because you like folk music with modern influences

  1. Diverse lyric topics, but centred on real life stuff like friends, marriage, jobs, mortgages, kids, etc.  
  2. Some cool twist in the music, like a maj 7th chord, or interesting electronic sounds blended with acoustics


What I'm Working On

  • The next release will be a 3-song EP on my 25th wedding anniversary
  • I continue to make new instruments for studio and stage use
  • a collections of singles that will come out in Fall 2024
  • the next album will release beginning in 2025

Musician Bio

Growing up before the ubiquity of home recording, Jason learned his craft as the classic voice and guitar combination.  From the very beginning he was not interested in the common ballad.  The first album Ambidextrous was written for solo performance, and it lived that way as a solo acoustic set performed many times before it was ever recorded.  To keep the solo act fresh, most of the songs had twists like delicate finger-picked passages melting into punchy power chords.  Everything was self-taught and figured out intuitively.  When finally recorded, Ambidextrous included several over-dubbed layers but remained, at its heart, an acoustic folk album.  

After the long mortgage-paying break, and a leap forward in recording technology, the home studio experimentation started in about 2016.  Like playing the actual music, recording engineering was self-taught.  The album White Collar Melodies was born here, grew up to be a teenager, but it never really adulted.  A whole new writing style emerged from the ability to cut, paste, loop, and infinitely layer.  No considerations given to the difficulty of actually performing it.  There was still a strong resistance to synthesizers at this stage but the virtual organs sounded good and were all over the final album.   Many electric guitars passed through as rentals, and some were kept.   There was experimentation with time signatures and more fancy chords, and the album included Jason's first punk song.  It was a bit of a genre mess, but tied together strongly with the lyrical theme that all songs related back to working in an office.   White Collar Melodies was also a one-man show: Jason played every sound, self-recorded, mixed, and mastered it.

Since White Collar Melodies took almost 3yrs to finish while still working the day-job, Jason stepped back to consider creative options after this.  He joined a few bands and they broke up.   Synthesizers were finally embraced, while mixing and mastering was released to other engineers.   Thirty-ish tracks on a collection of singles and EP's have been released in the 5 years since White Collar Melodies.   Many of these songs also included collaboration with other players.  2024 is starting with a new album of acoustic remakes, called Power Down, slowly releasing.   After Power Down, multiple other studio projects are already in progress.  



Email at

Otherwise Jason is friendly, open to conversation, on multiple platforms.  Links to all the socials and platforms are in the sidebar or dropdown menu.



Solo Gigs

Date Location
May 31, 2024 - Many Cats Concerts Tranzac, Toronto
Jul 16, 2024 - Many Cats Concerts Tranzac, Toronto


As Side Person

Date Location
Jul 2, 2024 Vocals/banjo with Dandelion Highway, Painted Lady, Toronto


Past Solo Dates

Date Location
May 7, 2022 Sneaky Dee's, Toronto
Jul 28, 2022 Free Times Cafe, Toronto
Aug 20, 2022 Toronto Cares Community Fair, Toronto
Sep 29, 2022 Tranzac, Toronto
Nov 26, 2022 Southern Cross Songwriter Showcase, Tranzac, Toronto
May 12, 2023 Tranzac, Toronto
Jul 20, 2023 Tranzac, Toronto
Sep 5, 2023 Tranzac, Toronto
Nov 16, 2023 Tranzac, Toronto
Feb 21, 2024 Sarah Greene Presents, Tranzac, Toronto